Zhejiang University, specifically the research group of prof. Beishui Liao, collaborates since many years with the University of Luxembourg by exchanging visiting researchers, in the context of INTER mobility projects supported by FNR and the H2020 MIREL project, coordinated by the University of Luxembourg.

Zhejiang University has a long-standing expertise in computational linguistics and argumentation, in particular with argumentation mining a relatively new research topic in corpus-based discourse analysis, that involves automatically identifying argumentative structures within discourse, e.g., the premises, conclusion, and argumentation scheme of each argument, as well as argument-subargument and argument-counterargument relationships between pairs of arguments in the document. Argumentation mining is particularly relevant in the field of legal informatics, in that it is mostly applied to legal documents, on-line debates, newspaper articles, court cases, etc.

Zhejiang University is also specialized in developing reasoning based solutions for checking and enforcing compliance, as well as computational solutions for decision making based on normative knowledge. It collaborates with the University of Luxembourg specifically on these topics, whose solutions can be integrated within legal document management systems in order to infer new knowledge from existing one and to verify when a given scenario complies with the normative system.