The University of Turin (Italy), specifically the Department of Computer Science and the Law Faculty, has a long standing research collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, in the field of Legal Informatics.

According to Elsevier Scopus, the University of Turin is the main collaborating affiliation of the University of Luxembourg, featuring the highest number of co-authored documents indexed by Scopus. Many of them report research activities in Legal Informatics, carried out by the research groups of prof. Guido Boella (Department of Computer Science), prof. Gianmaria Ajani and prof. Michele Graziadei (Law Faculty) together with prof. Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg), as well as past and current PhD students, many of which carried out their PhD in co-tutelle between the two universities.

University of Luxembourg and University of Turin are partners of the The Erasmus Mundus International Doctorate in ”Law, Science, and Technology” (LAST-JD), an interdisciplinary integrated EU doctorate, designed to address new challenges in legal, socio-ethical and technical domains arising from the information society and newly emerging technologies, and of the H2020 project MIREL.

University of Turin and University of Luxembourg coauthored the Eunomos legal document and knowledge management system, whose commercial version (MenslegiS) is distributed by Nomotika SRL.