The University of Bologna, specifically the Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Storia del Diritto, Filosofia e Sociologia del Diritto e Informatica Giuridica (CIRSFID) has a long-standing collaboration in Legal Informatics with the University of Luxembourg.

CIRSFID is the coordinator of the The Erasmus Mundus International Doctorate in ”Law, Science, and Technology” (LAST-JD), an interdisciplinary integrated EU doctorate, designed to address new challenges in legal, socio-ethical and technical domains arising from the information society and newly emerging technologies, in which University of Luxembourg is a partner. Several past and present LAST-JD students carried out their activity in co-tutelle with the University of Luxembourg.

University of Bologna is currently partner and work package leader in the H2020 MIREL project, coordinated by the University of Luxembourg, while prof. Monica Palmirani is an external collaborator in the FNR/CORE project DAPRECO, working on the design and implementation of a legal ontology for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

CIRSFID is the main developer and promoter of the two principal XML standards for the legal domain: Akoma Ntoso, a.k.a. LegalDocML, which defines a set of simple technology-neutral electronic representations in XML format of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents, and LegalRuleML, which allows to specify rules in the RuleML standard and to associate them with the structural elements (paragraphs, sub-paragraphs, etc.) of Akoma Ntoso documents.