Universitad Nacional del Sur, specifically the research group of prof. Guillermo Simari, started collaborating with the University of Luxembourg in the context of the H2020 project MIREL, conducting joint research on a variety of topics, among logic for Computer Science, knowledge representation and reasoning in multi-agent systems, and defeasible logic programming.

Universitad Nacional del Sur has a long-standing expertise in computational logic, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic programming, and multi-agent systems. The research results achieved in this research have been implemented in the DeLP system, a computational system for defeasible logic programming, where defeasible and non-defeasible rules can be expressed.

Together with researchers working at the University of Luxembourg, it has been studied how the DeLP system may be used for processing legal domain. And, parallelization techniques for inconsistency-tolerant query answering on ontological databases have been addressed, in order to handle large repositories of norms formalized in argumentation-based approaches.