Universitad Nacional de Córdoba started collaborating with the University of Luxembourg in the context of the H2020 project MIREL, bringing his expertise in in NLP, ontology-based Information extraction, and machine learning, i.e., the solution developed by the research group of Laura Alonso Alemany, and applying them to the legal domain.

Universitad Nacional de Córdoba has a long-standing expertise in Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning, specifically semi-supervised and active learning for NLP and ontology-based Information Extraction. Furthermore, it recently specialized in argumentation mining, a relatively new research topic in corpus-based discourse analysis, that involves automatically identifying argumentative structures within discourse, e.g., the premises, conclusion, and argumentation scheme of each argument. This is an area with strong background in linguistics and in artificial intelligence, with clearly applied goals. University of Luxembourg has conducted research on theoretical argumentation, so that the collaboration is intended to merge the results.