The Publications Office of the European Union is responsible to make available and disseminate the official publications and bibliographic resources produced by the institutions of the European Union.

The central component of its information system is the CELLAR repository, providing semantic indexing, advanced search and data retrieval for multilingual resources. CELLAR stores and disseminates all content and metadata created by the Publications Office. It also drives the Publications Office’s major portals, including EUR-Lex and OP Portal. CELLAR resources are semantically described by the CDM (Common Data Model), an FRBR-compliant OWL ontology, which also serves as the basis for the Publication Office’s ELI implementation. It is publicly accessible and allows all interested parties to retrieve content and its RDF structured metadata for reuse. A public SPARQL endpoint is made available to query its metadata store. An overview of the semantic modeling approach for CELLAR is given in this paper.

University of Luxembourg is collaborating with the Publication Office, and in particular with Enrico Francesconi, on scientific issues only, such as co-authoring of papers, co-participation to scientific events such as workshops and seminars, sharing of news, etc.