Nomotika SRL is a spin-off of the University of Turin specialized in the development of ICT solutions for the daily work of legal practitioners, for the digital government, and for the legal and compliance officers of companies. Nomotika is a partner of the H2020 project MIREL.

Nomotika is based upon a network of independent specialists to support the staff in problem solving and in tailoring solutions to the needs of clients: they are senior consultants from legal, managerial and technology sectors. The Nomotika staff is responsive and creative, encompassing several competences from the international research of excellence in law and computer science together with the long experience about ICT services for finance and risk analysis of the industry shareholder Augeos S.p.A.

The main product of the company is the MenslegiS system, a legal document and knowledge management system for the web to provide relevant, reliable and up-to-date information on the Law. MenslegiS is the commercial version of the Eunomos system, coauthored with the University of Turin and the University of Luxembourg.