The National Institute of Informatics (NII) of Japan is specialized in computational solutions in juris-informatics, thanks to the word done by the research group of prof. Ken Satoh, who collaborates since many years with the University of Luxembourg and is partner in the H2020 MIREL project.

Specifically, NII developed the Proleg system, a logic programming-based meta-program which simulates judges reasoning according to a burden of persuasion. Proleg has been successfully applied to the Japanese Civil Code.

Future research on PROLEG includes possible extensions fit to give an explanation about how the conclusion is obtained, i.e., by incorporation argumentation-based techniques such as argument mining and by interfacing it with natural language processing tools able to automatically harvest relevant information from legal documents. Natural language sentences referring to specific cases must be related with the final judgment of the case in order to describe how a conclusion is obtained according to the law.