LëtzBlock is a non-profit association that has been set up to promote the comprehensive adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain across public and private sectors in Luxembourg.

LëtzBlock has been founded with the aim of bringing together different competences involved in Blockchain technologies, while complementing existing actors to help accelerate the transformation of the Luxembourg DLT and Blockchain landscape. In addition to acting as an intellectual hub, LëtzBlock also provides an entry point to these technologies for stakeholders across all sectors – from start-ups to incumbents, industry to finance, addressing diverse topics ranging from technical standards to issues such as supply chains, medical and identity records or e-democracy and e-government.

The activities of the association includes organization of training courses, seminars and other dissemination events as well as the creation of interdisciplinary working groups around projects or initiatives related to the DLT/Blockchain Industry.

LëtzBlock, and in particular its president Monique Bachner, strictly collaborates with Legal Informatics Luxembourg on initiatives related to the Blockchain domain, which is one of the main technologies nowadays involved in Legal Informatics.