LegalRuleML is a standardization initiative under OASIS; LegalRuleML aims at being an XML standard for representing semantic/logical content of legal documents, for use by both humans and machines.

The standardization process is carried out by the OASIS LegalRuleML Technical Committee, of which University of Luxembourg is a member.

LegalRuleML allows to specify if-then rules, as well as other kind of statements, in RuleML and associate them with the structural elements (paragraphs, sub-paragraphs, etc.) of legal documents tagged in Akoma Ntoso. Each structural element in Akoma Ntoso and each rule in LegalRuleML are uniquely identified by special keys, which are then paired up within the LegalRuleML files. LegalRuleML supports different types of statements for modeling norms, among which constitutive statements and prescriptive statements. The former implement definitions of terms to be used in a legal document, while the latter are deontic statements asserting the conditions under which obligations and permissions are in force.

Akoma Ntoso and LegalRuleML are able to capture the entire life-cycle of documents, thus providing an automatic version control with the LegalRuleML documents referring to the Akoma Ntoso representations of these documents, fit to ensure the LegalRuleML rules reflect the latest amendment of the source text.