Huddersfield University, specifically the research group of prof. Grigoris Antoniou, collaborates with the University of Luxembourg in the research in legal informatics, in particular by devising reasoning mechanisms for normative reasoning.

The collaboration started in the context of the H2020 project MIREL, in which Huddersfield University is leader of the work package “WP3: Reasoning on norms”, due to its long-standing expertise on the topic (see, for instance, (Antoniou at al., 2009)).

The researchers of Huddersfield University who collaborate with the University of Luxembourg are specialized in computational challenges connected with the complexity of regulatory compliance, and the handling of Big Data, a research trend that has become very popular in recent years.

Although corpora of legal documents may be deemed by some to be a little bit too small to be considered Big Data per se, legislation at the basis of and regulates our everyday life and societies, many categories of Big Data (e.g., medical records in eHealth, financial data, geographical data, etc.) must comply with and are thus highly dependent on specific norms. Matching and annotating Big Data with legislative information will produce even more and richer Big Data, thus the need of developing high-performance and scalable approaches to normative reasoning.