The Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is specialized in formal methods in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, and Mathematics, such as computational metaphysics, automated reasoning, theoretical Computer Science, Computer-supported Mathematics, Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Science, among others.

The research activities of the Institute of Mathematics focus on numerical mathematics and scientific computing, algebra, analysis, discrete mathematics, and geometry, while the Institute of Computer Science focuses on facilitating cooperation among people through the communication and processing of information in networks.

University of Luxembourg is specifically collaborating with prof. Christoph Benzmüller since 2017, when he was visiting University of Luxembourg. Prof. Benzmüller is an expert in higher-order automated and interactive theorem proving, which he utilises as a basis for an approach towards universal logic reasoning. His broader interests concern all aspects of knowledge representation and reasoning.

His main projects include LEO-III, an higher-order theorem prover, and ONTOLEO, an higher-order ontology-reasoner. Possible uses of LEO-III and ONTOLEO in the legal domain are currently under study.