Data61 is a research center located in Brisbane (Australia) specialized in data-centric research and development activities. It collaborates since many years with the University of Luxembourg in the field of legal informatics, and it is partner in the H2020 MIREL project, coordinated by the University of Luxembourg.

The research conducted at Data61, specifically by the research group of Guido Governatori, aims at turning complex data sets into knowledge, in order to help its partners across business, government and industry solve real problems every day. Research is focused towards the identification of the latest most advanced technologies and most effective processes to help find, adapt, improve or create data-centric solution. This is particularly useful for legal informatics, in that legislation pervasively affect our everyday life and technologies.

Researchers at Data61 combine their expertise with researchers in Luxembourg in the application of norm mining and reasoning techniques to the use cases of legal texts like licenses, contracts, technical documents and other corpora of norms. The jointly investigate approaches to combine different Natural Language Processing techniques towards the extraction of rules from legal documents and their formalization in legal XML standard such as Akoma Ntoso and LegalRuleML.