Chatbots have been used in customer service and retail for several decades, however, we experience now the new wave of conversational technology growth especially in financial, insurance, fund advisory and regulatory technology. In addition, chatbots become our new personal assistants to facilitate our daily business to which we delegate our dull, odd jobs such as scheduling meetings, processing leave requests and retrieving information from multiple sources.

Conversational interfaces provide us with new opportunities and new challenges. On one hand they allow us to reach the clients where they are, namely in messengers. The communication over conversational interfaces is instant, with low friction and is focused on the essentials. On the other hand it pushes us to find new use cases and products where the use of conversational technology really makes sense.

The Artificial Companions and Chatbots Lab of the University of Luxembourg is primarily focused on challenging research questions with regard to design and implementation of dialogue systems and conversational interfaces while taking inspiration for the research objectives from various practical use cases, including customer-business and customer advisor communication. Our human-centred approach to dialogue-systems design is grounded in Language Technology, Conversation Analysis and is supported by recent machine learning techniques. The ethical and responsible approach to conversational interfaces in the sensitive domains of finance and insurance is supported by multidisciplinary collaborations with sociologists, philosophers and yoga gurus.

Main contributor(s): Sviatlana Höhn, Christoph Schommer