The workshop “Legal Design as Academic Discipline: Foundations, Methodology, Applications” will take place on December 12, 2018 in Groeningen (Netherlands) during JURIX. Legal Design is an interdisciplinary approach to apply human-centered design to prevent or solve legal problems. It can help to create functional, inclusive and transparent legal documents, services, and systems.

This workshop welcomes theoretical contributions, for instance on:

  • What is Legal Design? What is it not?
  • Which methodologies can be applied and for which purposes?
  • From which neighbouring research fields can Legal Design benefit?
  • What is the added value of Legal Design to the academic field?
  • How can Legal Design help to develop and validate new legal theories?

It also welcomes the description of practical applications (projects, practices and examples, better if grounded in legal informatics):

  • access, usability, communication and visualisation of legal documents, data and information
  • improving access to justice and remedies for different stakeholders
  • design of interfaces for artificial intelligence in the legal domain
  • design and evaluation of legal digital services (platforms, apps, etc.)
  • usable applications for natural language processing  of legal texts
  • design of technologies (e.g. blockchain, algorithms, artificial intelligence, platforms, etc.) in compliance  with the applicable laws
  • implementation and enforcement of legal principles through IT, design and behavioural economics (choice architectures, patterns, etc.)
  • interpretation of legal visualizations
  • transparency of legal information and documentation
  • usability in privacy, data protection, and security
  • Legal Design in & for education

Read the call for papers for more details on the workshop and the submission.