BitNomos is a spin-off of the University of Bologna specialized in (1) designing and implementing solutions to support the digitalization of document workflow and to model legal knowledge of documents in several complex contexts such as legislative councils, judicial courts, parliamentary assembles, official gazettes, etc., in order to guarantee legal validity of the digital legal document, long-term preservation (including blockchain), semantic web knowledge annotation, and open government data transparency, (2) conducting feasibility studies to verify the compliance of innovative information systems with national, European or international legislation, (3) providing consultancy for legal informatics technical skills, legal analysis of feasibility and development of technological tools for citizens, governmental and inter-governmental institutions and corporate organizations.

BitNomos is led by a team of people with heterogeneous experiences and interdisciplinary high level competences in computer science, legal, ethics and business knowledge, ranging from technologies for the creation of complex web applications in the field of legal systems to processes for the compliance checking of digital legal documents.

The activities of BitNomos are centered around the Akoma Ntoso and LegalRuleML XML standards from OASIS, used for modeling document, knowledge and legal rules also for compliance checking purposes.