Legal Informatics Luxembourg (LuxLI) is a community of researchers, professionals, legal experts, etc., from academia and industry, located in Luxembourg and working in Legal Informatics and related topics.

LuxLI joins interdisciplinary academic research and technology transfer to the industry in order to devise novel and advanced legal services. Our mission is Legal Informatics, an area of information science applying informatics within the context of the legal environment and involving law-related organizations such as law offices, courts, and law schools.

Legal Informatics Luxembourg (LuxLI) is hosted at the University of Luxembourg, and it is administered by researchers working at different institutions based in Luxembourg. See our Calendar of events and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

For general questions about LuxLI or for joining the LuxLI community, please contact Livio Robaldo.

For specific questions about some of our research & development activities, we invite you to directly contact the specific contributor(s) listed on the right column of this page.